Find your global customers with this amazing freemium tool!


Finding right customers is critical for any business. 

We all want to have an unlimited list of customers. They can generate unlimited revenue. To help you with this I am going to tell you today about an amazing freemium tool ‘BuiltWith’.

BuiltWith is a website profiling, lead generation, competitive analysis and Business Intelligence (BI) tool providing technology adoption and usage analytics. It helps you in finding out many things about your prospects through all the data available across hundreds of millions of websites.

For example,

  • Content Management System,
  • Frameworks,
  • Advertising channels,
  • Various Usage analytics and Tracking,
  • Document Standards
  • Widgets etc.

BuiltWith can be used by just signing up with your basic details. Through account, you can get access to enormous leads filtered in terms of Location, the technology used, Social Media presence etc. The data further contains the contact details of the company and the contact person with available phone and email address. This information can be exported in the form of an excel sheet for offline usage.

Sample file headers are shown in the image below:


Its Pro features give even more relevant reports with specific keywords.

BuiltWith also comes as an add-on (extension) for popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. The add-on gives a quick overview of any website. Visit the website and click on the extension button it will give you all the details of the website briefly as mentioned in the image below. Scroll the bar to see more info:


To know more about the BuiltWith tool please watch its demo video. If you are still hungry, go to youtube and look for more Videos.

By choosing specific technology, location or other available criteria you can target customer easily and build growing customer base.

I’ll keep you posted on more amazing and useful tools for the super success. Keep yourself tuned.


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