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Payment Gateways

Accept payments via your website

Now that you have your online store ready, it is important to provide your customers with a secure way to make their payments. A Payment Gateway is an integral part of any online store. It is an e-commerce service that allows you to process credit card, debit card, bank transfers and other forms of online payment from your customers. Broadway Infotech provides you with a host of payment gateways that you can choose from.

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Third Party Payment Gateway

These are external payment gateways like PayPal, which allows merchants to accept online payments without the need to possess a merchant account. It however, directs the users away from the website to the payment gateway’s portal. After the payment, the customer is redirected back to the merchant’s website with appropriate message displaying whether the payment has successfully gone through or rejected due to some reason.

Guaranteed data security

With PayPal, you can be assured of protection against any unauthorised transactions. It employs Payment Tokenization feature which securely encrypts customer’s personal details and payment information.

Ease of access

These gateways are popular as they are extremely user-friendly and offer fast & reliable services. You need not be an technical expert to use them.

No need of a merchant account

The encrypted data is then processed and a shopping cart with security certificate gets a golden padlock icon and a https sign in the browser as a mark of trust.
Merchant Account

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Integrated Payment Gateway

A major flip-side of third party gateways is that they do not offer a perfectly seamless checkout experience as the users are directed away and then redirected to the merchant’s website. With integrated gateways you have the advantage of not directing the users away from your website allowing them to make payments more conveniently. Some of the popular ones in Australia include E-way and Secure Pay.

Seamless Integration

Online integrated payment gateway connects your online store to your merchant account.

Merchant Account is necessary

This allows transfer of funds to an account that the merchant directly hold with the bank.

Real-time funds transaction

At no point during the transaction, does the gateway touch the money, it just moves the payment securely to the internet merchant account.
Hosting Domains

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