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Mobile Website

Websites Optimised for Mobile Phones

Capture customers on-the-go by optimising your website for mobile devices. Today, more and more of your customers and prospects access the internet using their smartphones. Give them a website that offers a seamless browsing experience on their mobiles so that they love coming back to you over and again.

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Mobile Website Designs – Attract & Engage Customers

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Why do you need a Mobile Website?

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What exactly is a Mobile Website?

It’s your Website – for a Mobile

The best mobile websites often reflect the most important aspects of the main website. A mobile website fits the mobile screen, is thumb friendly with bigger icons, has a simpler interface and is integrated with other mobile features like location sharing etc.

Multiple Platforms

A website that is responsive to multiple screen sizes. Good Mobile website designs are compatible with varying technical specifications of different viewing platforms like smartphones, tablets etc.

Not an App

Although mobile websites are built with an app-like look and feel, they are not the same as ‘Mobile Apps’. Unlike apps that are downloaded from an online app store, a mobile website is accessed through the browser without any download.
Responsive Mobile Website Design

With growing internet penetration, mobile traffic is
bound to grow.

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Giving shape to your imagination

A website is the first impression a customer forms about your business. Create a long lasting impression with our professional and responsive website designs.

We can help you get a Dedicated Mobile Website

Mobile Website

You need more than just a Reformat

With more and more customers having access to the high-speed mobile internet, a mobile website is becoming a necessity for businesses. Remember, a prospect will move on to a competitor website if your website does not load quickly or is difficult to navigate. This is why we don’t believe in reformatting your current website. Instead, we analyse what’s important for your mobile customers and design a separate dedicated mobile website for a seamless mobile browsing experience.

Built for mobile phone resolution

Mobile websites are custom-built for your smartphone devices. With a user-friendly interface, they are quick to load and easy to read using a mobile. Unlike responsive websites where the user has to zoom in and zoom out to navigate, a dedicated mobile website gives an app like look & feel.

Quick Turnaround

Mobile websites drive almost 20% of the total website traffic today and it’s high time that you order a dedicated mobile site for your business! Provide us with a list of your goals and requirements and we will design a mobile website that offers your customers a seamless browsing experience on their smartphones.

We built dedicated mobile websites that can help
boost mobile traffic and conversions!

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