Secure all your data by storing it on the cloud. Access, share and team up while on the go!

Cloud Storage

Lots of benefits with lots of storage

At Broadway Infotech we take care of your data infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your business. Choose from a variety of consistent and reliable cloud storage solutions depending on the nature of your business data.

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Addressing all your storage needs

Sharing like never before

No more zipping up large files to share. Shared files are available to a group of users and accessible on all devices. For instance, Google Drive allows real-time sharing amongst different users. Dropbox allows you to create a link to your files in Dropbox and send it to people you’d like to share it with.

Quick to search for your files

It is integrated with powerful search capability so you can easily locate the file you need. You may search with keywords or filters to locate what you’re looking for.

Secure and Reliable

Share your files only with people you want to. With cloud storage, you can now protect sensitive information from any unauthorised access. Using encryption for data storage and data transfer, it’s designed for 99.999999999% durability.
Cloud Storage

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Give your business the much needed reliability with Cloud Computing

Access your data anytime anywhere with our affordable and dependable cloud solutions.
Be prepared for the unexpected and resolve crisis fast with efficient data management.

Stay organised with Cloud Storage


Easy to go back
with Revision History

As and when you make changes to your files, the modified versions are saved automatically. You can also go back to track who made what changes and restore previous versions.


Data Management

Organise and manage your business data effectively using the cloud. Synchronise all crucial business information real-time while using your preferred device.



With a centralised administration console you can manage file sharing access levels between users. Add & remove users, create group folders and much more.

Get organised with your business data on the Cloud

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