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The e-commerce landscape is expanding and as a business it is high time that you get yourself an online store. More and more users are embracing online shopping owing to factors as 24×7 shopping convenience, price comparison, wide choice and zero pressure sales. But yes….before you set out to take a plunge into the world of online selling, here’s a quick look at some trends that will have the biggest impact on the online retail industry across the world this year.

Bigger smartphones

Giant mobiles arrived with a bang last year but 2015 will see a bump in mobile shopping conversion rates further with more and more people using their big phones as a buying device. With easy access to high speed internet & big screen size mobiles getting handy, retailors can expect to see a rise in mobile e-commerce in 2015.

Google Analytics’ Enhanced e-commerce simplification

It’s been some time that Google Analytics Enhanced commerce functionality has been launched. Google’s big step aims to assist businesses in understanding customer behaviour and how effective past merchandising efforts have been. However, the sad part is that until last year, this amazing add- on due to its complex structure has not been much in use. In 2015, we hope to see businesses use this incredible feature to get detailed analysis of CTRs on the search and category pages of e-commerce websites. Online retailers can now assess the strength and weakness of the entire purchase channel and map the total shopping experience of a visitor. The feature allows businesses compare the “add to cart” rates across and within different product categories and analyse their returns.

Cross device tracking

Online sellers will also adopt cross device tracking more generously in 2015 analysing how visitors juggle between devices while shopping online. Cross device tracking can help business understand customer behaviour and buying pattern in a better way. Studies reflect that users often have specific device preference depending on time of the day and size of their shopping bag.

Apps & More Apps

While there was a time that everyone launched an e-commerce app, only a few held on to their apps for good. 2015 will see smaller online retailors match steps with high street e-commerce sites when it comes to launching new apps as well as relaunching enhanced versions of existing ones.

Improved delivery services

With soaring competition and wider choice, consumers tend to get more demanding when it comes to delivery. Same and within one day delivery will become a norm and 2015 will see more than 3 day delivery time getting obsolete and unacceptable.

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