Website Design Trends 2015


The New Year is here and it’s time to focus on design elements that are set to dominate 2015.

As we move towards a highly mobile driven landscape, web designers need to tweak their design mindset so that it matches that of the evolving online buyer.

Here are some of the most prominent trends for the New Year.

Bind your visitors with interactive storytelling

Designers need to focus on connecting to customers and prospects with a great story that uses diverse media formats. The best part about storytelling is that it’s effective but not at all heavy on your pocket. All you need is a Word Press powered website and smart usage of rich text, wide images, interesting videos, historical timelines and PDFs.

Bind your visitors with eye catching visuals and an exciting story about your brand!

Focus on Background elements

The background of your website has been neglected by website designers in the past. 2015 will see designers making the most of this so far missed opportunity to attract the attention of new visitors.

You can now go much beyond simple static images with high definition videos embedded in your static web pages or linked to your call to action buttons. Imagine the look of a website selling football match tickets. You enter the match you want to buy tickets for and the website loads one of the most popular game of your favourite team. Once you click on the Book Now button a message splashes on the screen “Relive the magic – Booking confirmed”

The design although simple, touches the fan’s heart and mind and echoes with his senses.

2015 will see web designers work on more interesting backgrounds that help visitors connect emotionally to their brand and products.

One Page concise designs with more scrolling

Bulky, content crammed websites will multiple pages are a passing trend. More and more websites will adopt the single page scroll rather than the click approach.

Websites will try doing away with poorly designed navigation menus and multiple drop downs. Instead 2015 will see designers opting for one page website designs that offer readers an effective and elegant experience.

It’s all about Retina Display

The world is going mobile and web designers will lay their focus on retina display in 2015.  With more and more users having access to smartphones and high speed internet, it is now essential that websites are designed to offer users with a high resolution when browsing using any mobile device.

Material Design: Flat Designs with gradients

Flat Designs are and will remain a darling. So, the minimalistic approach with a cleaner look continues to rule the design arena. However 2015 will see web designers go for Material design. This is mostly the flat design approach with a slight use of layering, gradients and animation to impart websites a richer look and retain the idea of a tangible world in the designs.

Typography Elements

Type –kits are no longer as expensive as they used to be a few years back. This opens up the doors for designers to explore and experiment will beautiful fonts and typefaces in their web designs. 2015 will witness more and more businesses implementing exciting, high class typography into their web pages.

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