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Professional business or personal emails with name@yourdomain that are hosted on a remote server and can be accessed using any webmail or email client. POP & IMAP are two different ways of managing your hosted emails.

Post Office Protocol or POP is a one way email management protocol. POP creates a local copy of the email on the particular device that you are accessing emails from and deletes the original email from the server. The downside of POP is that it does not allow email synchronisation across devices or email clients restricting you to a specific device. Also, as the emails are not stored on the cloud they are vulnerable to security and technical lapses.

IMAP or Internet Mail Access Protocol is a two way email management system where emails are stored on the cloud. With IMAP any changes you make are synced and reflect on the server real time. IMAP gives you the freedom to retrieve emails from any device using any webmail or email client of your choice.

Yes, you get unlimited email aliases with our email hosting packages.

Yes you can easily forward emails from one mail box to other i.e. from to . We can assist you in setting up the forwarding feature or you can do it manage mail box settings and do it yourself.

We use secure HTTPS connection and SSL encryption for all transmissions between your device, our hosting servers and the destination device ensuring email safety.

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