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Email marketing is marketing your business and services to a group of people using emails. A good email marketing platform provides you with many features. You may create different contact lists for segmenting customers and send them promotional offers accordingly.

Yes, Email campaigns are targeted at both your current as well as potential customers in order to generate leads and business. It’s used to communicate to a large customer base and helps in building brand recognition.

For effective email marketing, one must consider the following:

  • Campaigns must be targeted aligned to your marketing strategy
  • Customer segmentation must be done right
  • Minimise spamming and offer something of value to customers
  • Make sure you analyse the performance of your campaign
  • Optimise emails for different devices like laptops, smartphones etc.
  • Plan the next steps like a follow up call to the prospects

Spams are junk mails meaning irrelevant or unsolicited messages that are sent in bulk to a large numbers of internet users, for the purpose of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

Examples of typical spam mails are inviting people to participate in a lottery or sweepstake, asking people to share their account details because they’ve won a lottery etc.

Yes, our email marketing software runs a spam check on the content of the mail that provides a spam score and triggers if the mail is spam. This way you can ensure that your emails don’t get dumped in Spam/Junk folder.

E-mail platforms have become smarter in evaluating the incoming messages and filtering spams. For example, Microsoft Outlook has a Junk E-mail Filter. Don’t we all hate spams for simple reasons like they’re unwanted marketing emails, coming from an illegitimate source or they’re too frequent. A few tips to minimise spamming are:

  • Check for the spam score of the mail
  • Avoid using “sales” words like discount, cash bonus, earn $, subscribe etc.
  • Use your own marketing list of customers, don’t rely on purchased lists

The email will appear differently to different customers depending upon the email client. With our software, you can check your email for different clients such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. and you can optimise it accordingly.

You can manage different contact lists depending upon your requirements. The list can be created and maintained easily. Customers who are no longer part of your email marketing campaign are removed automatically.

Yes, the tool has an effective reporting to check the Opens, Bounces as well as unsubscribed statistics. This way you can analyse the performance of your email campaign. You also get to see the people who actually clicked on the links of the mail. These are potential leads who may buy from you. Ensure that you don’t wait for them to come to you, reach out to them proactively.

Yes, the tool provides you with a Live Campaign Tracking feature to analyse open as well as Click through statistics.

Be assured that we’re only a phone call/email away. We will provide you with any additional help that you may require such as designing newsletters, generating reports, scheduling and monitoring campaign etc.

Some routine tasks can be automated. Here are a few instances:

Auto responders can be created for sending out a quick email response like thanking them when they subscribe to your newsletter or sending a brief introduction about your services to potential leads.

Advanced scheduling lets you schedule your future email campaigns to be sent out to a pre-defined contact list.

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